Having a gratitude attitude....

14 July 2014

A few weeks ago my friend Sarah asked if anyone would participate in a gratitude chain she was going to do. I jumped on board right away because I love ideas like this. I find it too often we forget to say thank you to those closest to us because we assume they know we are thankful for them but really it something we all like to hear now and again.

For this gratitude attitude Sarah had people sign up then she was going to write a letter/note to those people and include a blank note card for us to give it to someone else thanking them for whatever we wanted to thank them for. I personally love getting mail so I was excited this was all going to be done by hand. I of course love the convenience of emails and all that jazz but I love when someone takes the time to write a hand written note or letter. When I got my letter from Sarah I was so happy to get it and she wrote me a sweet note (thank you Sarah) and I started thinking about who I wanted to give my note card to! It was hard to pick one person to get this awesome note card! Sarah did a great job designing them! I did finally pick someone but I can’t say who it is because I believe they read most of my blogs and I know it didn’t get to them yet as I’m sending it out tomorrow!

Remember everyone likes to hear thank you so say it even if it is just because.

Thank you for reading my blog, I honestly appreciate it.



  1. Thanks for participating, Britt! It means a lot to me that you were willing to jump in and take on a letter of gratitude, especially from someone you only know via blogs. You're awesome!

  2. Aww, this is a really cute idea!

  3. Hey Brittany! I LOVE that!! Telling someone just how special they are or just sending a quick thank you note is a lost art now a days!! The handwritten part of it is the cherry on top! What a great idea, I will definitely be checking it out!! ;) Have a great Monday Brittany and hope your having a great Summer so far!! XOXO ;D


  4. What a wonderful Idea! It always feels good to get mail and to feel appreciated. :)


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