I'm Not a fan of.....

07 July 2014
I guess I'm just going to start copying all of Brandi's posts! She did this a week or so ago and I liked it so I figured I would do it too.

So here are some things I'm not a fan of...

Tropical storms....Arthur was here this weekend and was just a pain in the bum! I don't like high winds and losing power which thankfully we didn't for long but still I don't like them.

Cooked carrots...I don't know why but they make me gag! I honestly can barely get them down so I eat raw carrots instead.

People who can't just let people like whatever they want...Example I enjoy Backstreet Boys always have always will, when someone asks me why I like them but whatever my answer is they don't accept because they don't like BSB so they can't see why anyone else would. This honestly drives me insane! Like what you like and lets others like whatever they want because guess what it DOESN'T effect you! I'm not tie you a chair and make you listen to BSB so shut it!

That being said I'm no fan of Taylor Swift but if you must like her go ahead hahaha

Birds...Yup, I have hate on for birds, I don't want to see a bird hurt or anything but they kind of freak me out!

Golf....Sorry I just can't....I don't get it and I don't want to thanks.

Bad Manners (taken from Brandi)...Seriously is it that hard to say please and thank you!? I always say Thank You when someone holds a door for me and yes I expect you to say it when I hold it for you but less and less you're hearing people say it! I have actually had someone grunt at me as a thank you before! Give me a break! Honestly, I wish people were nicer to each other!

Now, let me know what you're not a fan of? I'm nosy and I want to know okay :) Also and go and see Brandi :)


  1. I'm not a fan of cooked carrots or Taylor Swift either. But I'm with you...it bugs the heck out of me when people try to force their likes/dislikes on someone else!

    1. Totally drives me nuts! I don't see why you care if it doesn't affect you!

      Glad I'm not alone with the carrots thing!

  2. I can't stand cooked carrots either! Gross! I will gladly eat them raw though, maybe with some ranch dressing. YUM!

    I do love me some Taylor Swift, though, not gonna lie! But I am totally with you about not pushing your likes and dislikes on others, or judging others for their likes. Sometimes I think people just like things because they're the popular thing to like. I hate when people like things just because they're the cool thing to like. Ugh. People need to learn how to form their own opinions.


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