25 July 2014
I can't believe it already Friday! At the beginning of the week I was saying to my friend Justin that I thought it was going to be a long week but boy was I wrong! This week has flown by. I was going to post on Wednesday but well it was far too nice outside to be in on the computer so what can you do!? This is what I did all day on Wednesday....

I love summer! I don't enjoy the muggy weather we have been having but man when you can lay by the pool all day it doesn't even matter.

We are almost into the final countdown of Erica's trip and she will be home soon! I have missed her so much! It is hard when your partner in crime is away for almost a month! I'm excited to have her home soon! The dogs are going to go crazy! They have missed her so much. Gus especially hasn't been himself since she left. It is funny because they are mopey for a day or so when someone else goes but then they get over it but with Erica they have been bummed out the whole time!

Okay, I have some stuff to get done before lunch time so I should probably get my butt going and get it done! Hope you all had a great week and are going to have a great weekend!



  1. Well, here I am being jealous of your poolside sitting!

    I think the week flew by too. Hooray for Friday!

  2. Oh Britt, sitting pool side looks amazing! It sounds like you are having a good summer!

    1. It was great wish I was doing the same today! haha I am having a great summer :) Hope you are too


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