Weekend Update on Tuesday!

03 June 2014
Yesterday I had every intention of blogging but it was a beautiful day and my cousin Ashdenne decided we were going to go on adventure so that is where my day went instead of blogging. It is better to be out and enjoying the weather then inside working on the blog.

This weekend the weather was beautiful! On Saturday, I went out with Erica and her friend Johnny for lunch in Pictou at Sharon's and it was lovely as always. After lunch and once we dropped Johnny off, Erica and I got some ice cream and then headed home ourselves. Later in the day we got a phone call from our family friend Peter who got a new puppy!! We quickly went down there to see the puppy who is a bull massif and named Moses. He is the sweetest little thing! He cuddled right into me and I was loving life because I love puppies!

Once we finished our visit with Moses, Erica and myself went and got Johnny so we could all go and see X Men. I really liked the movie and I have never seen the other movies and really know nothing about X Men. I do love me some Hugh Jackman though!
Sunday was another beauty of a day so myself, Erica and our momma headed out to have brunch together and then mom saw a plant sale so she got some stuff before we dropped her off and headed out to do some errands. Erica made BBQ chicken and ribs for dinner that night and they were amazing. I love BBQ anything and these were just delish! My aunt Bev and uncle Bill were over for family dinner too since they were down at their cottage and it doesn't have a kitchen right now haha. On Sunday I was also able to have a nice catch up with my friend Justin! We hadn't had a real chat in for too long so it was great to be able talk to him. I had a great weekend and really my weekend moved into Monday too with the adventures with Ashdenne.

Monday morning around 9:30 I think I got a text from Ashdenne saying it was too beautiful out so we needed to go on an adventure! I had a few things to get done so we decided after lunch we would head out. We didn't know what the adventure was going to be but we decided to head to Brule once Ashdenne came over because it was more of an adventure then just going to the beach. On the way there is a lavender farm and we stopped there. Ashdenne got some nice bath salts and we decided to try some lavender chocolate. Now we can say we have tried it! It is was nice chocolate but just too perfume-y. We are happy we just shared a piece instead of getting two. Once we left the lavender farm, Ashdenne saw that there was a wool shop and sheep farm not too far so we headed there next! The shop was very nice and full of nice things but both me and Ashdenne didn't see anything we really wanted at the time. There was some very nice mittens though that I would like but as it is summer I didn't really want to get them yet! There was also sheep you could go and see! They were so cute! The noises they make is really funny though! They were super cute but kinda stinky haha Once we were done at the farm we headed to Rushton's beach! It was beautful down there! The sand was soft, the water was cold and the sun was hot! It was a great adventure day. Ashdenne then came back to our house for the evening to watch Master Chef. Great day and awesome to spend it out adventuring with Ashdenne.

Also big congrats to my friends Lauren and Matt on their engagement! So happy for both of you!


  1. Hey Brittany!! Puppies. food and movies!! Cant go wrong lol!! Your friends god Moses is too cute btw! XO :)


  2. Spontaneous adventures are the best kind!

  3. Cute dog. You really have spent a nice time with Erica. I also love to do adventure in beautiful natural places.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak.


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