Random Monday

09 June 2014
Okay, last week I planned on blogging all week but we can all see that didn't happen! Things come in three or so they say so I'm thinking I'm good now! I had my ear ache, that time of the month and now I have a cold which is probably bugging me the most out of these three things! I hate having a cold and not being able to breathe! I just feel like blah!

Anyways, I'm not even really sure what I should talk about today since I didn't do a thing this weekend expect lay around and be sick. I did start watching House of Cards last night since I decided it was time for me to embark on a new TV series and this was one I was looking at and since it was right there on Netflix I decided to go with it. I have only watched the first epsiode but I really liked it so I'm hoping the more I get into it the more I will like it. I also watched Catfish the Movie yesterday since I love the show I thought I should probably watch where it came from. It was an interesting movie! I loved seeing Nev and his brothers argue about different things and how they just decided to go and see 'Megan'. I think it is so weird when people lie about themselves online and play with people's feelings in such a way. I liked seeing Nev's story because you now know what it was like for him and he really does know what the people on the show are going through. I enjoyed it and if you watch the show I think you should check it out for sure.

I really wish I had something more fun to tell you but alas I don't! I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took last week when I was down at the beach :) Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow! xo


  1. I love love love Catfish!! (the movie and the show...it's fascinating!) I've been wanting to watch House of Cards, but haven't started it yet!

  2. My husband and I started watching House Of Cards just a few days ago. We are a handful of episodes in and it is so good! Netflix is doing an awesome job with their series.

    <3 Jackie

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Hey Brittany!! Oh my gosh those pictures are gorgeous! Wow!! XO


  5. I hope you get to feeling better soon!


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