I'm coming back to you....

18 June 2014
Well, I can say with certainty I have not been the best blogger lately! But, I won't make excuses or apologize for it. Sometimes you want to blog and sometimes you don't. I don't even really have an idea for this post but I decided to get on here and just tell you I'm coming back! I have ideas for some posts and I do miss writing so I will be back Friday. I decided that I'm going to try and blog three times a week, I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope you're still with me! I have some beauty and fashion posts coming and hopefully some foodie blogs too! I'm also looking for guest bloggers so if you want to just let me know :)

I'm leaving you with a pictures since I was going to make this a wordless Wednesday but alas I talked too much for that! Happy Wednesday Folks!


  1. I think everyone is in a blogging rut right now. It's hard to blog when it's so nice outside.

  2. I get in ruts too. Then I go on a posting spree, then stop again. I just need to get into a routine and stick to it!

  3. I'm stuck in a blogging rut also. I just have no inspiration :(


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