Friday Friday Friday!

20 June 2014
Happy Friday everyone! It was a beautiful, sunny day until about 20 minutes ago and now it is cloudy, raining and I do believe I hear thunder in the distance! Today, I decided to get in my fix of link ups! So lets start with Five on Friday!

  • This week has gone by really quickly! Feels like yesterday was Monday!
  • I have been listening to a lot of Sara Bareilles this week and honestly she is so amazing! I did tweet this but if you don't like her please don't tell me because I will have a hard time liking you after that I think.
  • It is officially summer today! YAY! I'm excited but I really can't believe I have been off school for almost two months already! Kind of crazy! It is graduation day at my school and I kind of wish it was my graduation day but alas it will come soon enough!
  • I have been watching too many YouTube videos again this week. Really this isn't a new thing but man I have been watching organizing ones and I really don't need to watch those ones! LOL
  • I have a small addiction to HGTV which lead to me loving Damon Bennett from Holmes on Homes. He is such a sweetheart and he can build you house how could you not love him!? Anyways just wanted to let everyone know he is awesome and you should love him too. Fingers crossed he gets his own show soon since he has left Mike Holmes crew to pursue other things on his own. By far my favorite handyman! 

Also, on a completely different note here are my feelings on last night's Free Agents epsiode NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and that is all I have to say about that!

And since we are linking up we should link up with Whitney and get your weekend started right!


  1. Congrats on the official summer! Enjoy school--you'll miss it when it's over!

  2.! I have been watching a TON too. Can't stop, won't stop. :) Happy Friday!

  3. Hey Brittany!! This Summer is going to fly by, I just have that feeling haha!! And I am obsessed with this song!! I linked it up last week!! LOVE!! HAGW Brittany and talk soon!! XOXO


  4. This week has gone by really quick, but I'm not one to argue with amazing things :) Yay for being out of school for the Summer!!

  5. The rain really needs to go away!
    And my week has totally flown by too, could be because I'm on vacation though...

  6. I love Damon and Mike Holmes! Sadly, they stopped showing his shows here maybe 2-3 years ago? :(


  7. Hi Brittany..I think we follow each other's blogs. Greetings from out West!! Yay for first day of summer!!

  8. Videos and tv shows on organizing always make me feel like I need to clean. In fact, that's how I guilt my husband in to cleaning! Turn on an episode of Hoarders and afterwards he's in the kitchen putting away dishes. Thank God he hasn't caught on to my evil plan yet! haha

    And great song choice! Iggy's verse is the BOMB :-)


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