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24 June 2013

Monday again already! The weekend flew by as it normally always does right!? It was a great weekend though! The weather was amazing and that makes for a very happy Brittany since that means it is pool time/fun in the sun time! It is summer so this girl is a happy camper!

On Friday myself and Erica headed to Pictou for dinner. We ate at the Lobster Bar which just recently opened. It used to be open in Pictou Landing years ago and now the son of the old owner I think has opened it again. It is nice to have another restaurant in Pictou on the waterfront because many places have closed this past winter. There is another place I'm hoping to try next weekend but anyways back to the Lobster Bar, it was pretty good, I had the lobster burger and fries which was yummy. Erica had the hot chicken sandwich and fries which she said was okay. They seemed to have used can gravy which just isn't the same. The restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere and is well decorated. The service could be a bit better, but I think most of the servers are just all learning so hopefully that will fix itself right up. After we finished at dinner we got an ice cream and walked along the water front. It is so nice down in Pictou during the summer months. Love watching the boats, people and just everything. 

On Saturday, I spent the day by the pool and then that night I headed to the drive in to see Man of Steel and Hangover III! Thankfully, Henry Cavill is hot because I have to say I didn't really like Man of Steel. I wouldn't say I hated it but I found myself bored a lot of the movie. If you really like Superman you will probably like the movie because I have heard it is very close to comic book story. For me I liked Henry Cavill hahaha Hangover III was pretty good! It was a lot better than the second one because this was had its own story instead of just being the same movie in a different place! Bradley Cooper was as hot as always so can't complain there! Love me some Bradley Cooper! It was pretty funny too! Some of the one liners from Alan were just killer! It had me funny and I stayed awake for the whole thing so that means something! As it didn't start until like midnight! 

Sunday was a full day by the pool! Woke up got in my bathing suit and went outside! I even had a little burn going to bed last night, but thankfully I woke up and it was gone! We had BBQ for dinner and then as we were cleaning everything up clouds rolled in and quickly then the skies opened! I'm so happy we had everything inside and cleared up before that happened! 

Sunbathing Baby!

Gus ready for a dip in the pool?

It was a great weekend! I can't wait for next weekend because it is the long weekend for Canada Day and I'm off to PEI on Sunday for the Big Red Music Festival! I can't wait to see Serena Ryder and Great Big Sea! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great Monday!

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