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27 June 2013
Since I'm hoping to get a blog post up today I figured I should probably start writing one now because I have such blog block today! I don't know what is it about Thursday but come Thursday I'm trying to figure out what song I want for #backthatazzup Friday! Damn Whitney and her great party Friday link up! So, I'm sorry for that but I can't help it! I guess this is going to be a mash up of a bit of everything today, hence ramblings in the title! 

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Today, I'm trying to plan my outfits for my mini vacay away to PEI so I don't have to over pack but really who are we kidding! I'm often the queen of over packing even when I do plan every outfit! Why you ask because I think oh what if I spill something on myself I will need another shirt and maybe depending on where it lands another pair of pants or shorts! But this time I'm really going to try and just bring what I need! So just one extra shirt instead of three! Can't be crazy here I wasn't just going to take exactly what I needed! Haha I do need a two day outfits and a concert outfit! I think I have them planned but I think I should maybe take a pair of jeans too just in case it isn't as warm as they say! Maybe a little sweater too! Yup, look I'm already over packing and I'm only blogging about it! 
Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this mini vacay! It is going to be a lot of fun because of the concert and I'm excited for the lobster dinner, beach, mini golf, boardwalk, a tad bit of shopping! Yup, it is going to be a great weekend :) 

Does anyone still watch MTV? I only watch for certain show now which I wish MTV Canada would get World of Jenks on! Seriously love that guy! But, lets go back to bad MTV shows! I found out today while watching Catfish (love that show) that MTV is coming out with another Challenge! Rivals II starts July 10th here and I'm sadly quite excited about this! I know I shouldn't be but I love most of these shows! Battle of the Seasons was crap because the picked new seasons and I don't care about those casts! I love seeing the older ones! Rivals II has CT teamed up with Wes which I think someone must have a sick sense of humor to do that but thank you for doing it! I love CT! I know he is the bad guy but look at him! So hot! haha I have loved him since his Real World season in Paris. Can't wait for this show to start! haha

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Lastly in fangirl ramblings! Backstreet Boys followed me on Twitter last night and Pink Lou Lou followed me on Instagram! Yes, I know I'm 29 but we can still fan girl at this age okay! 

Yup, I think that enough rambling for today ladies! I'm sure you're bored of it now so go and have a cookie if you have read this far! Also, let me know what you're watching this summer? BB15 anyone?



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    1. YAY!!! Happy to hear I'm not the only one who loves CT! :)


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