#backthatazzup Friday!

14 June 2013

Friday again! Really I can't believe it is Friday again! The weeks are flying by! Which is fine because I have a trip to PEI planned for the end of month but after that time can basically stop because it will summer and no one wants summer fly by! Well actually my friend Katherine wants winter again because she loves skiing but her opinion doesn't count because her brain must be perma froze! haha

Anyways since it is Friday we all know it is time for Back that Azz up Friday with the ever lovely Miss Whitney! I couldn't pick just one song this week because Songza just keeps playing song after song that just make me wanna share with you all because they are just too awesome not too! I guess I should get on with it since I have a couple to share! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck getting some concert tickets! Countdown is on!!


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