So What Wednesday!

08 August 2012
Linking up with Shannon again for So What Wednesday! 

  • if I only started packing today and I leave for England in a week!
  • if I'm already on the internet again instead of packing
  • if I already know I'm gonna pack way too much
  • if I know I will be crying way too much next Wednesday
  • if I really don't feel like packing anymore today but know I have to
  • if I have a million things to do today and I'm sitting here doing a So what wednesday post!
  • if I talk too much packing in this post! ;)
  • if I watched way too much teen mom yesterday and this morning!
Getting kinda stressed about moving but still very much looking forward to it! Better get moving instead of just sitting here and looking at my bed covered in clothes! 

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


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