It's Okay Thursday

02 August 2012
This week I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Okay Thursday!

So it is okay that....

-I'm leaving in two weeks and decided to not start packing until Sunday
-I have to see many friends and family next week before I leave and now I have added lots of packing to my to do list
-I watch Criminal Minds that I have seen over the Olympics 
-it is almost 10am and I'm going to go back to bed and watching Criminal Minds before starting my day
-I watch way too much Criminal Minds!

This post has been bought to you by Criminal Minds! ;)

Have a great Thursday everyone :)


  1. I'm a new follower from its ok! And I'd totally watch criminal minds over the Olympics...

  2. Since swimming and diving seem to be the only Olympic sports on TV, I'd watch Criminal Minds too. Only not at night, or alone, or with the lights off.

  3. love criminal minds too :) super cute blog by the way! if you'd like to stop by mine I'm having a giveaway with a few fun things I think you'd like! have a great th!

  4. Jenille, I'm all the Olympics but the past couple of mornings I have watched Criminal Minds instead mainly because I'm crushing hard on Spencer Reid these days! Following you back!

    Rebekah Jo, I fell asleep to Criminal Minds the other day!

    Cait, thanks so much! I will totally drop by your blog :)


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