Friday's Letters

03 August 2012
I'm linking up with Ashley again for Friday's Letters! 

Dear HSBC woman, thank you for not having a clue about what your bank offers and wasting our time! We told you over the phone what we wanted and then when we get there you basically tell us we can't have it! Though when we get home and look at your website bam there it is exactly what we were looking for!

Dear Jubilee Weekend, I would like to go more than one night but $30 a night and overpriced drinks will probably keep it to only one night. 

Dear the next 12 days, please don't kill me! I know it is going to be busy but lets be nice to each other. 

Lots to do so I have to move on now! Have a great Friday everyone! xo


  1. Hi there! found you through the letters link!

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  2. Why can't employees know about what their company offers so they don't waste anyone's time? And if they don't know, is it too much for them to take the few minutes to find out? Visiting from Friday's Letters.


  3. I know Chris! Would it have taken her forever to figure it out for us NO! Drive me crazy!

    Nicholl Thanks for dropping in :)


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