18 April 2012

What a blog Wednesday!

This week I’m featuring It’s Me KP! This blog is run by Kelly Purkey and she is amazing! I love her blog! Like I’m talking love at first sight! Why you may ask? Because she is basically living the life I would love to live! She lives in NYC, travels around the world, works with scrapbooking sites, companies that I love, lives in NYC oh wait I mentioned that one already but I think that is my favorite part of her life! She gets to live, eat, sleep, breathe NYC how could not want to live that life. Her blog is filled with her travel adventures (yes pictures are included), amazing meals she eats, great nights out with friends and her amazingly creative scrapbooking. And to add just a bit more she is cute as a button!

I honestly hope one day I will have a life kinda like hers mind you I have to get on that because she isn’t that much older than me like 2 years actually but not quite. But really Kelly’s blog is one of normalcy but fantasy for me anyways. For the next couple of years I would love to her life and then move into the life of Dear Lizzy! Of course making it all my own because it would be weird if I just totally wanted to me like them even if they are pretty amazing.

To sum it up I think you should check out Kelly’s blog! You won’t regret it but you might envy her!

Check Kelly out here It’s Me KP!

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