4.16.2012 Justin's first post!

16 April 2012
Hi everyone! 

I just thought I’d do a quick introduction. My name is Justin, and as Brittany already kindly introduced me, I’ll try and keep this short. The two of us go back nearly ten years now (and yet somehow, we haven’t aged a day…hmmm…), so when she asked me to guest-blog, I absolutely had to say yes. 

So what do you need to know about me? Here are the vital statistics: 

Twenty-something. Pisces. More of a Samantha than a Carrie. Obsessed with all things 80’s (especially Joan and Jackie Collins, Dynasty and shoulder pads…you can bet you’ll be seeing these words again). Currently unemployed, as my college majors don’t lend themselves to “real world” careers, post-economy collapse. Aficionado of venti lattes from Starbucks and dirty martinis. The Great Gatsby and Valley of the Dolls are among the pinnacles of literature in my world. I believe everyone’s life is enhanced by the addition of a little glamour. 

I promised I’d keep this brief, so I’ll wrap this installment up. I look forward to sharing the page with the always-fabulous Brittany, as well as “meeting” all of you! Until next time, feel free to check out my personal tumblr athttp://justinwinkelman.tumblr.com/

Ciao…for now 


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