What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday

09 November 2016
Happy Hump Day Folks! I hope you are all well and being kind to one another today. The sun is shining here and we are all still here. Today, I'm linking up with Jennifer and Jessi for What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday!

What has been hap'pping' with me? Last weekend pretty last minute myself and Erica decided to head to the city on Saturday for a wee bit of shopping and brave Christmas at the Forum! We even decided to brave it in the evening when it was two for one! Lordy, when you go to these events people please go with a great deal of patience and not be in a hurry. If you know me you know patience is not something I have a lot of but seriously some of the people at the Forum just needed to take a chill pill. We did have a great day and I did get some nice stuff at the forum! I was reading Sarah's post about her going to something like Christmas at the Forum with her mom this past weekend and how she thought she was going to be able to take pictures and browse around but ended up not able to do those things made me think of this! haha It is something but honestly the thing that annoys me most are the annoying younger firefighters who are selling their calendars! Most of them are fine but there are always a couple who are just so annoying, no sorry I don't want your calendar, no I don't think you're that good looking! Leave me alone now please! But alas we did have fun and it was good sister day.

Last week Jenn posted about the tomato tortellini soup she made and it looked so yummy! Most of us read the post asked for the recipe and like the nice one she is she posted it. On Monday, I made said soup and she was not lying when she said how good it was! Like omg yum! And it say it was easy to make is an understatement! Once you're done here go to Jenn's blog, read some posts and find that recipe before you leave!


The best worst lifetime Christmas was on this morning so I dvr'ed and I will probably watch that tonight! Hope everyone is having a good day and remember to be kind to one another.

Jennifer and Jessi


  1. I forgot that Christmas lifetime movies are on now. I can't wait to load my dvr up with them. My husband hates that but I LOVE it. I can't wait to make that soup as well! Soon. So glad you like it as well.

  2. Mmm Christmas movies and Jenn's soup = yes please!!!


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