25 November 2016
Okay so I guess I only post on Wednesdays for awhile and then just on Fridays! I was busy so what can you do. I have been planning some holiday posts so fingers crossed they are going to actually get written!

I don't even really know what to write about today. Week was busy and I had a had a doctor's appt so nothing really blog worthy there HA!

I really just waiting for work to be over today so I can go home and watch Gilmore Girls! I tried to stay up last night to watch some but lets be honest that wasn't going to happen because I'm basically a grandmother now when it comes to going to bed. It is weird because when I was younger I could be up until 4am and not worry about it now that would mess me up for a couple of days sleep wise LOL

Anyways, I hope all my American friends had a great thanksgiving yesterday and if they are out shopping today I hope you stay safe and get what you want at the stores!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey girl! I have been stuck in a blogging rut for a while. I cant remember the last time I read my favorite blogs! I noticed you've changed your background. Looks great and you look gorgeous as always in your pic! I plan on reading more, but not sure when I'll get enough inspiration to make a post. Looking forward to your upcoming holiday posts! :)


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