Weekend Update!

20 May 2013

This weekend was the long weekend in Canada and well it wasn't the best one because it was freakin' cold here! It actually snowed on Saturday! Well it was just big wet flakes but there was still snow in the air! So, the weather could have been much better to say the least! Normally for the long weekend we are lounging by the pool so not cool Mother Nature no cool! 

Anyways, lets see what I did this weekend which I have to say wasn't all that much because my tummy wasn't having much of anything! But it wasn't a total bust of a weekend, I had a little boy's birthday party to attend! My little man Riley was one on Friday! I can't believe a year has passed! Honestly sometimes it feels like yesterday that Andrea was still preggers! We must be getting old! The party was fun! Lots of little ones running/crawling around having fun, good snacks and BBQ'ed hot dogs! The party was jungle themed and was very cute! The cake was adorable! Riley seemed to love all his presents especially the big truck which got his attention and he didn't really care about the other gifts after that! He is for sure a boy's boy! Thanks to Andrea and Mike for having a great little party even though it was a tad cold! 

After the party I came home and had a nap even though I didn't mean too! Cloudy blah day it was bound to happen when I laid down even if I didn't want it to! Later, that night I watched Hope Floats (which I love! Sandra and Harry melt my heart) and went to bed early because I wasn't feeling great! On Sunday, I headed to the movies with Erica and Katie to see the Great Gatsby which was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed myself and really Leonardo DiCaprio can't do wrong in my eyes! I have loved him since I was like 9 so that is 20 years people! He makes my heart flutter! And Sunday was also game day for the Ottawa Senators and boy was it a good game! We tied the game with 30 second left in the final period and then won in double overtime! I almost had a heart attack but we did it!! Love my boys!

And today, I have been lazy again I won't lie! I laid around watching TV or YouTube most of the day but I really didn't have anything to do so why not be lazy! I'm totally late with blogging today too because I was trying to do it earlier but sadly my internet didn't feel like working for an hour or so! But we are here now so lets just be happy it is working again and I will hopefully get some more blogs in order before I go to bed tonight.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
love you all!


  1. I had a very low-key long weekend too. I was actually off, but the weather definitely didn't cooperate!

    1. The weather totally didn't cooperate this weekend! Boo!

  2. SNOW?! Boo! It's been overcasty here, and sooo muggy. Gross.

    Riley is adorable!

    Thanks for linking up, Britt!

    1. Yes, snow it was gross!! Muggy is gross too though! Can't it just be sunny with a dry heat haha!

      Thanks for dropping by!!


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