This Weekend I....Weekend Update!

13 May 2013

Oh my gosh! I had a such a busy week and weekend! I have totally missed you my lovely readers! But, I just didn't have time to think about blogging I really didn't go online all week expect on my phone and I just can't blog from my phone! We had Chase's girlfriend Emma here for the week who is lovely! We had her over for Easter too but that was just for a couple of days this was a whole week so it was nice she was here since we all love her. 

Then on top of that we have been planning my dad's 60th birthday party! And of course we decided it was going to be a surprise! We started planning it back in January but of course you can't do everything that far in advance! So this last week was the scramble to get everything done! Also, we were all wondering if Dad knew about the party and just wasn't saying anything! We had been lying to him all week and on Friday we all just thought he must know and just isn't saying anything! Luckily we were all wrong and when he walked into the party he was totally surprised! WE DID IT!! We pulled off the impossible! He was so happy and excited because so many of his friends showed up and lots of family to celebrate with him! We were lucky enough that one of our close friend's has a restaurant and he was nice enough to close down for the evening so we could have the party there. It was actually his idea in the first place! Thanks Peter! Also, thanks to the lovely Shona and Cathy for being lovely and working the party! Everyone had a fantastic night that is for sure! Couldn't have asked for a better reaction from dad too! 

Erica, Chase and Myself

Myself, Emma and Erica

Birthday Kisses for Dad from Momma

Cake Time!

After that awesome night and not getting to bed until far too late I was up and at 'em again on Saturday morning for my little woman Quinn's 1st birthday party! I'm still not sure when a year flew by to get her to one but I guess it happened! Her birthday was Sesame Street themed and it looked amazing! Props to Aunt Michelle for making a lot of it! And of course props to Danielle and Derek for great party with lots of sweet little babies crawling around! 

After the party we headed out to the mall because we need to finish getting stuff for mother's day! Yes, this weekend just didn't seem like it is going end with all the celebrations! We got Momma a new iPod since hers basically bit the dust when she was away in Dominican! Needless to say she was very excited when she opened her gift! Which we were very happy about :) We knew wanted a new one but you can never be sure! On Sunday we also, made her breakfast and dinner. It was lovely day and it was nice for momma to just be lazy for the day because she was busy busy with Dad's party!
Love you Mommy and Daddy! Glad we all had such a great weekend together! 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and I will see you tomorrow! 


  1. I found your blog today as I was stumbling through the blog world and I love it! I'm a new follower! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend with family! Can't wait to read more!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thanks so much hun! Glad you're liking by blog and that you found me! Hope you're having a great Monday too :)


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