30 July 2012

I saw this on Jennifer's blog a few days ago and I figured why not! So here are the ABC's About Me!

Age - 28! I have been liking 28 so I'm not sure how I feel about 29 coming in October

Bed - Just a double! Will upgrade someday probably not in England though tiny rooms!

Chore you hate - Folding the laundry! I will do laundry all day but I hate folding it!

Dog? Yup got 2! Gus (Goldendoodle) and Jagger (labradoodle) They are the cutest!

Essential start of the day - A shower to wake me up!
Favorite color - Pink, yellow and blue

Gold or Silver - Both depending on my mood and what I'm wearing

Height - 5'7"

Instrument - Nothing anymore but I used to play the piano

Job  - Unemployed right now because of my upcoming move to England!

Kids - None!
Where do you Live - Nova Scotia for the next two weeks and then off to Merry old England!

Favorite Movie - Dirty Dancing I could watch that movie everyday! Or the Santa Claus Or the Little Mermaid

Nickname - Britt, Bick, Magoo

Overnight hospital stay - 3 years ago when I had surgery and had to stay 4 days

Pet peeve - Lots! One the just irks me to death is people wearing black jeans as dress pants!!

Favorite Quote - from Eckhart Tolle "You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundmental changes in your state of consciousness"

Right or left handed - I'm a righty!

Siblings? 2 younger ones! Erica and Chase

Time it takes to get ready - Anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes!

Underwear - Right now just plain black ones

Vegetable you hate - Cooked carrots! I will eat them raw but cooked ones make me gag!

What makes you late? - Pretty much nothing I HATE being late.

Xrays you've had - At the dentist 

Yummy food that you make - I make a really good seafood pasta and a super yummy chocolate cake from scratch!

Favorite Zoo animal - Lions!!

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