25 July 2012
I was browsing blogs last night I came across one called Life After I "Dew" I got to her blog from Whitney's blog! She has a great blog so I would suggest you checking it out! She does So What Wednesdays and I liked the idea so I'm linking up with her this week! 

So I guess this week I'm saying So what! If

  • I have been staying up until past midnight and sleeping until after 10am! It is like my vacation right now anyways!
  • I have already seen Batman once and already have plans to see it two more times!
  • I haven't even started to think about what I'm going to pack for my move to England!
  • I'm hardcore addicted to Pinterest again! There better be a craft store handy to wherever we leave in England!
  • I haven't done my hair since last Friday! It was my last day of work and I have been lazy since then okay!
  • I listened to Christmas music this week!
  • I don't have a life plan! I'm living out my life the way it should be and the new adventures I have coming scare me and excite me more then anything has in a long time.

PS this time in 6 months it will be Christmas day :)


  1. Dropping in from So What! Wednesday...

    There's nothing wrong with listening to Christmas music year-round. :)

  2. I love your blog! It's adorable! There's nothin wrong with stayin up late and sleeping in! Heck I wish I could! (darn kids....) lol found you through the link up :)

  3. Thanks ladies for dropping in :) Yes nothing wrong with Christmas music year round!

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it :)

  4. Oh Pinterest... I have spent way too much time there lately! Hubby complains but he shouldn't because I'm actually cooking and baking the recipes I find.

  5. Christmas music and pinterest, sounds great! I love them both.

    New follower:

  6. He should complain when he is actually benefiting from it! :)

    Thanks for following!! :)


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