27 July 2012
Again because of the lovely Ms Whitney I found the blog Adventure of Newlyweds and the owner of that blog Ashley who does Friday's Letters! PS She has a great blog and you should check it out after you check out Whitney's :) Anyways here are my Friday's letters

Dear Danny Boyle, thank you for making the opening ceremonies the best one yet! I loved it from beginning to end! It was just like a live action movie which is what you set out to do.

Dear Sanity, please stick with me over the next few weeks because I know I'm going to test your limits with this move to England and I know I'm going to need you more now then I have in recent years.

Dear Move to England, Please know I'm emotional and this is going to be a huge deal for me. I will cry more then I want to but I know this is going to an adventure of a lifetime and I'm so excited I get to do it because I know most people won't have a chance like this. 

Dear K Stew, please go away! I don't care you cheated on R Patz and if he does go back to you he is dumber than I thought it was!

That is all I have for today! Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


  1. This is a neat idea, I might have to try it out.

    I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you as you embark on your great adventure!

  2. Thanks so much Sara :) Might be in Halifax over the next week maybe we can meet for lunch if you're free!

  3. I have no days off next week (helping out at the new store for the week), but I do get an hour lunch. And I don't work until 3 on Thursday if that's when you happen to be around. :-)

  4. Thinking it might be Thursday we come up but honestly no idea yet! I will let you know though :)


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