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13 January 2016
Surprised to see me again aren't you? Thought I was going to post once and run away for months again! Well, I'm at least giving you two posts before running away again. This one is a little different for me because I do not believe I have done a book review on here but this books begs for a review and to be read. The book I'm talking about it is Unflinching The Making of a Canadian Sniper by Jody Mitic.

For Christmas my dad got this book from my sister. I had remembered seeing Jody on Canadian AM talking about it and I remembered him from Amazing Race Canada because I had thought how crazy and amazing it was that he was on the show when he was working with prosthetic legs (came in second by the way! Nothing stops him!). I thought it would be an interesting read and actually I wanted to read it once my sister bought it for my dad but I figured I should not read it before it was given as the gift it was meant to be. Dad always gets a number of books for Christmas so I ended up 'borrowing' it before he could get to it anyways. I spent the whole day reading it, which takes a lot for me because as much as I can enjoy reading it is not something I do as often as I may like to. 

This book is well written and very easy to read, the flow of it works well. Autobiographies/memories are some of my favorite genres to read even though they can be hard to get through sometimes. Jody has a pretty amazing story, his determination is inspirational. If you put your mind to something you can accomplish it and Jody shows that a number of times during his memoir. I do not want to give too much away because I do not want to make anyone feel they have read the book by reading this review. Jody will forever be a soldier at heart and has never let his injury hold him back. This is a story about courage, bravery and overcoming adversities most of us will never even imagine. Don Cherry's quote is so true "Makes you proud that Jody is Canadian". Jody wrote a book that sheds light on a number of issues both good and bad. I love how he tells his story, he seems like one hell of a good guy. Son, husband, father, friend, soldier etc he is doing it well. If you enjoy a memoir I truly recommend this book, even if memoirs are not your thing maybe try this one you might just like it!

Chapters: Unflinching


  1. Not usually my style, but I might check it out. I need to branch out occasionally!

  2. I like reading nonfiction! Especially about true heroes!


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