Monday Monday....Wish it was Friday afternoon already!

06 October 2014
Yes, I know I shouldn't be wishing my life away but it is a long weekend coming and I need it! I have been working my butt off with school so I would be able to just relax this coming weekend and guess what barring any major assignments coming up (which I wouldn't be surprised if we got one in communications) I will be able to just relax this weekend! YIPEE!! I'm excited to just chill and not worry about anything for the weekend. 

Okay, so this weekend wasn't action packed but it wasn't boring either. On Friday, I went to Truro in the evening with Erica because one of our favorite scrapbooking stores was set up at a Scrapbooking weekend there. Since we normally only see them at Crop and Create we decided we should probably head over and see them. Of course we had to pick up some new supplies too! I honestly could have spent an insane amount of money there, they always have the best products! We also had dinner at Frank and Gino's which was delish. Oh and I may have popped into Sally's Beauty for a couple of things. 

On Saturday it was Gone Girl day! Myself, Erica and our cousin Ashdenne had all read the book, I read it because Erica and Ashdenne said I had to so we could all go and enjoy the movie together when it came out. This was back in August so we had a countdown! We even wished each other Happy Gone Girl day! Since Ashdenne couldn't go on Friday we did postpone for a day. If you haven't read the book I HIGHLY recommend it! I feel I enjoyed the movie more because I had read the book. I also think this is the best novel turned movie I have ever seen! Normally the book is always better and yes this book was still better but the movie really stayed true to the book and lived up to it. I think this is probably because Gillian Flynn the author was the one to adapt the novel into a screenplay. Rosamund Pike played Amy Dunn perfectly, Ben Affleck was great at Nick! They had the chemistry they needed for the role and I honestly can't hype this book and film up enough for you! I hope you read the book and see the movie. I will warn you if you don't like the book and movie I will be inwardly judging you.

Sunday Funday! I went to brunch with the family down in Pictou which was as yummy as it always is at Stone Soup Cafe. After that I did some errands with Erica and then it was homework and laundry for the rest of day! I know exciting! It was a productive day though and that is all that matters sometimes! 

How was your weekend? Any exciting plans for this week?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. I read the book and saw the movie too! I agree with you, usually, movies aren't like the book. They did an amazing job keeping it true to the book!!! The only way to describe the book/movie is its a "Mind F*ck!" I can't wait until Dark Places comes out into theaters!!!! Charlize Theron is playing Libby Day!!!! Have you read it? If not, you must!!!! BTW, do you have a Goodreads account? If not, you should check into that too! If you do, my name is Jessie Higgins-Lane on it. :)


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