Beauty Wednesday! Just Some Quick Tips!

26 February 2014
Hey Ladies! I'm here for a quick Beauty Wednesday! I know I wanted to have one last week but I just didn't have time and honestly I don't really have time now but I'm making some! 

Today, I just wanted to give you a couple of quick make up tips! So lets go...

Your concealer should be the exact same color as your foundation! If it is lighter or darker and you're trying to cover something it just draw attention to it! 

Your under eye concealer however should be a shade or two lighter because you want to brighten this area.

Instead of highlighting between your eyebrows try highlighting over the arches of your brows. Sometimes highlighting over between your eyebrows just makes it look like your T zone is shiny!

Know your eye shape! Knowing your eye shape can make all the difference in the world because you want to be able to make your eyes pop and well sometimes not knowing the ins and outs of our eyes we can make them look bad. You know what I'm talking about we have all since it.

To make your lips look fuller, place a shiny gloss in the middle of your lips!

Highlight your cupid's bow! This is the dip on your top lip if you didn't know

Try your best to always match your face to your neck!

Remember, a smile is the best thing you can put on your face!

Love you all and see you again soon!


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