Beauty Wednesday! Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette

29 January 2014

Beauty Wednesday is back! I'm happy to bring it back too! I have been trying to balance school and my personal life lately and sadly school is beating my personal life down but I will do another post that at a later date because it is time to talk make up! 

I know I'm a tad late with a review of the Naked 3 palette but better late than never right? 

As soon as I saw this palette I knew I needed to have it. I loved all the colors and I hadn't even seen it person yet. Once having it in my hands I loved it even more! I had to wait for Christmas to get it though because honestly at the time I could justify spending the money that close to Christmas. On Christmas morning though I had it in my hands with my new Sigma brushes(review on them at a later date). I honestly do love all of the shades because I love the rose gold theme to the palette. I course have some favorites though which are Limit, Nooner, Factory and Blackheart. All amazing shades! Since I don't do make up tutorials (maybe someday) I have gotten you the one I went to when I first started playing with the palette and I have to say this is my go to look now when I'm heading to class and don't have lots of time to play around with my make up. This tutorial comes from Casey should totally check out all of her videos because she is amazing and I love all of her videos. I have to say I didn't have a hard time with the color Trick like Casey did (a lot of people were saying the same thing as Casey), I found I had good color pay off right away. The matte shades in the palette are great cease colors, Darkside and Blackheart are what I have been going to constantly for an outer corner color. But here is the tutorial from Casey....

Now, if you have Naked and Naked 2 you're probably thinking "do I really need Naked 3?" I can't say for sure that you would need Naked 3 but I would say it isn't like Naked and Naked 2, the shades have a different look and they really are more rose gold tones. I do not have Naked 2 but I love my orginal Naked palette and I think both Naked and Naked 3 are perfect palettes. I most often am reaching for one or the other.

Do you have the Naked 3 Palette? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


  1. ...perhaps you can use this palette for my makeover! Honestly, I keep seeing this pop up on my Facebook. Seems like people are really pleased with it!

    1. Sure thing, I will use it on you! It is amazing! I love it! I think it is my favorite palette.

  2. I love Naked palettes! Cute blog too!!!

  3. Hey love...I absolutely love your blog and decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award! It's a great way to meet bloggers and snag some followers. The questions are on my blog! :)

  4. I am in love with the Naked3 palette. I have the original one, holding off on the 2 for a while. I waited until the night Ulta released it for sale and pounced ;). Missed reading your posts. Hope you're doing well! <3


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