A Little Update....

19 January 2014
Hello My Lovelies! Wow I can't believe it is the 19th of January! I have kind of disappeared and I'm sorry about that since I promised I wasn't going to! But, my life has gotten very busy since school started! A few things have come up too but I don't need to go into everything. This week is light on homework so I'm hoping to get some blogs done for you this week and hopefully schedule some for next week.

So, I'm loving school! I know it has only been two weeks but I'm really enjoying everything about it! I don't even really mind the homework! I also love the girls in my program! They are all really nice and we all seem to get along really well which is great because it could have been the total opposite. My instructors are pretty awesome too. Kathy the main instructor really knows her stuff, I'm excited to learn a lot from her. Tomorrow we are going to the local beauty supply shop to get our salon kits! I'm super excited because then it is really going to feel real! It is going to be like Christmas tomorrow at school when we are going through everything and opening all of our goodies! Yup, I'm super excited! 

Anyways, just wanted to drop in and say Hell and let you know I'm still around! And I will hopefully be around more soon!



  1. congrats! Thats gotta be hard work I took cosmetology in HS and skipped class everyday lol I couldn't do it

    1. It is hard work but I'm loving it :) hahaha Sometimes you just gotta skip class!

  2. I've been thinking about you and wondering how your school has been going. I just graduated myself! I love that you are posting about what goes on, and what you are learning about. Cosmotology has always interested me. I'm actually kinda jealous you will have a fabulous job! I wish I would have done that now, but I can't afford to go back to school for something different! lol! Good luck and you will do great. Oh and please take pics and show us some of the cool things you are doing along the way! ;)

  3. Thanks so much hun! I will keep updated :)

  4. So happy you are loving it! :) Glad you popped in to update!


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