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26 October 2015
Well this whole back to blogging thing is coming slowly but it is coming! I do want to blog but I'm having a hard time stringing the words together how I like them! Which in blogging/writing can cause quite the problem! But alas we will power through this and get back to normal as soon as possible!

I'm in my final two days of being of Wednesday morning I will be 32! I honestly don't care about aging because it happens and you can't fight it! Well some people try to and we can all tell who they are! I can say my life is not where I thought it would be when I turned 32 but I'm very happy and I know everything happens for a reason. If other plans had of worked out I would be doing what I love and my life would be very different. For my birthday, we having a family dinner on Wednesday and then on Friday myself and my momma are going to see from the curling Masters in Truro. I'm rather excited because I haven't been to a curling event in a long time, should be a really good time. Then on Sunday again with my momma I'm going to see Travis Tritt and I can't wait! It is going to be such a good time! I have loved Travis Tritt since I was a little girl. It is great getting to go with my mom too because she is really the reason I listened to him in the first place. Plus, she had a lot to do with my birthday so nice to share this stuff with her :)

Also, today I'm linking up with Meghan and Biana for Weekending with....I have to say I didn't have the most exciting weekend! But, I will give you the details anyways! On Saturday I had to work until lunch time. I did my sister's hair and one of my cousin's came in for blow out. Then, I went to lunch with Erica (sister for those who don't know) and I had a lovely greek salad! I'm not sure how you could go wrong when you have feta cheese on something! So yummy! After that I came home and chilled and honestly did nothing for the rest of the evening! I told you my weekend wasn't exciting! On Sunday I helped get my dad ready to leave for up north again. He will be working up there again until maybe mid December. If any of you have kids and need to get Santa their letters we can ship to my dad and he can deliver them! Yes he is almost that far up north! Erica and my mom took him to the airport so I had dinner and hung out with Chase (my brother) for the evening. I don't think I need to include today since I cleaned and did laundry! But honestly Monday are my Sundays because I don't work on Mondays. Sadly they never really feel like Sundays but I will take it!

Anyways I hope you all had a great weekend! What are everyone's plans for Halloween?


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  1. Happy early birthday!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!

    For me, blogging is hit & miss. Some weeks I have a list of things I want to blog about, and other times, it's like pulling teeth to think of something to write about.

    This weekend, when the kids come to my door trick or treating, I will have my cat headband on and I'm going apply my make up to look like a cat while passing out candy.


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