1/2 What's Happening Wednesday

02 January 2019 3 comments
And we are back to regular scheduled programming. I hope it is regularly scheduled anyways. I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm happy to be back into a routine but already miss the holiday. It is such a happy time and the laziness I let myself get into between Christmas and New Year might be one of my favourite things. Alas, I do fully enjoy structure and routine so I won't be complaining all that much and I now get to dive into my planner for the year so bonus on that front.

It is the season for New Year Resolutions, but you're not going to get a blog post about mine because I actually don't believe in them. I think goals are great but I always found when I made new years resolutions I failed at them. I much prefer setting monthly goals like I try and do on here and even weekly goals I much better at keeping. For me new years resolutions are too overwhelming and set you up to fail often. I will keep plugging away at my monthly goals instead thanks. So, now that leads me to my January Goals!

  • get back on the meal prep train
  • try at least three new recipes, one in the slow cooker
  • read more
  • do more things that bring you joy (make plans with friends, watch your favorite movie, take a bath)
And there you go...there are some of goals for this month anyways, I haven't put a lot of thought into it them because I'm just getting out of my post holiday funk but I will probably add some more over the next week or so or I will just leave this list and maybe actually accomplish them all. Sadly, I think it is the recipes that will give me a run for my money just because I always tend to go back to old faithfuls instead of trying new ones even though I have a bunch I want to try.

Are you a New Year Resolutioner? If you are what to do to help keep yourself on track? Also, any good recipes you're loving right now or what are some of your old faithfuls?

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12/31 How We Celebrate...A Look at your holidays...

31 December 2018 1 comment
And just like that the holidays are basically over. Tomorrow, will be the last of the big family gatherings and too much food. I have to say, it was a wonderful Christmas season but it always goes too fast. I do believe almost everyone feels the same. I actually had no plans on posting until into the new year but alas here I am because I noticed that the Blended Blog had one more December prompt for the month that I liked. The prompt is How We Celebrate...A Look at your holidays, figured it was the best time to actually write down some of the traditions and memories that made our Christmas another great one (I also get to write this up on my new Chromebook! Thanks Mom and Dad).

One of my good friends was home for a quick visit over Christmas and I was luckily enough to catch him for a visit before he was off again. It was great to have a nice catch up with him since it had actually been a couple of years almost I feel like since he has been home. He says he is going to come home in the summer for a longer visit so I'm holding you too that Michael!

Christmas eve consists of my mom's side of family coming over for dinner/potluck. We now also include my best friend, her husband and daughter. It was great having everyone over, it was especially great this year having Quinn over because she is 6 and was just almost bouncing off the walls because she was so excited for Santa to come. The youngest in the family that was over was my cousin Charlie who is 16 (might be 17 I can't quite remember). So having a kid over was fun. She was so excited and is enamoured with my cousin Cole. Anyways, we always have a feast of food, drinks and great visit before everyone heads off to more holidays festivities with other family, friends or church. I normally get more pictures during Christmas Eve but I was more wrapped up in being present then I was making sure I got some pictures but I did get a couple of course!

The Wilson Clan...my most favourite people on this planet.

Stockings placed on the couch with care. And yes we have stockings for our dogs!

Santa has been here!

Me and my favourite girl Quinn! I think this was the only time she sat down for more then 3 seconds.

My parents!

The Wilson kids! I seem to look taller in this picture, I think it is because Erica is not standing up quite as tall as she is or I'm just pretending I'm taller than I am. 

Christmas Day, Chase came over around 8:30 for opening presents and Christmas breakfast which Erica made some delicious breakfast sandwiches. Everyone gave and received wonderful gifts. This was the aftermath....

For Christmas Day dinner, we of course had a beautiful turkey dinner thanks to my mom. We have my great uncle Jerry over for dinner, it used to be more but sadly we have lost loved ones over the years. It was a lovely day though filled with family, good food, presents and lazing around.

Boxing Day was a full on lazy day! I caught up on Criminal Minds, snacked most of the day and just laid around the house. On the 27th since the stores are closed in Nova Scotia on the 26th myself and Erica headed to Halifax to see what Boxing day sales were on. I headed up getting some stuff from Old Navy, MAC, La Senza and Winners. It was worth the quick trip up, Erica got even more than I did. I always love looking and seeing that you saved more than you spent. I got a great sports bra from Old Navy for $10! Can't complain about that.

I also got to have dinner with Danielle on Saturday and now here we are on Sunday, yes I'm even prepping this blog post.

I honestly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and you're ready to start 2019 with a bang! I wish you all the happiness you need for you 2019!


Friday Favorites: Merry Christmas

21 December 2018 3 comments
And we have made it through another week! And now the best week of the year is about to begin. Well it is the best week for me. I have small list of things I have to get done this weekend since I was driving it this week, it won't be as crazy as some years. I'm hoping a get to see my friend Mike on Sunday since it only home for a few days...and this is his first time home in a couple of years so yay for visits.

Next week, you probably won't see any post from me because I'm going to take a break and just do whatever I want, spend time with family, see friends, eat too much etc. which I hope you get to do as well.

I don't think I took any pictures of my favorites this week but here is a quick run down

  • having dinner with my dad
  • going shopping with my siblings
  • getting the dogs groomed
  • getting my holiday baking done
  • baking with Erica (getting some stuff done so mom doesn't have to make them)
  • getting my wrapping done!
It is has been a great week leading up to Christmas and I'm excited for everything that is coming next week! 

My Christmas Wish for you is to find the joy in the season, spend time with your loved ones, remember the loved ones not with you and fill your heart with everything that brings you comfort.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Girly Chat: Favorite Ornament

20 December 2018 3 comments
I think I have been spinning this week I have been trying to get so much done so I don't have a crazy busy weekend and just a busy one. I also do not want to have any last minute things to do come Monday expect little bits of cleaning and such. This means I have been going to bed later and getting up early but like I have mentioned I love all of the busy of Christmas plus I'm off next week so I will catch up on my sleep then!

Now, onto the topic of this post which is my favorite ornament! I'm linking up with the girls who put on the Girly Chat link up and this month it is time to talk about our favorite ornaments. When I saw this prompt for the blog post today I wasn't sure what one I was going to pick because I have a few that I love but I think it has to be the the first ornament my parents got together as a couple. This has been hanging on our tree every year for 40 years!

isn't he cute? I think I love this one the most because it represents how our family started with my mom and dad. They are truly an example of what a happy couple should be, sure things over 40 years can't be perfect all the time but life isn't perfect and I think my parents are as perfect as you could get.

I'm throwing in an honorable mention for my first Christmas ornament because well it is cute and I love it since it my first ornament.

I hope everyone is getting their stuff done and is going to have a wonderful weekend lead up to Christmas! 


What's HapPINning Wednesday!

19 December 2018 1 comment
Oh my goodness we are less than a week away from Christmas! How has this happened!? For me this season has been flying by like it normally does but honestly I don't know how it is already less then a week until Christmas. I wanted to have a blog post up before now but I have been crazy busy the past few days and I was away in Halifax for the weekend spending some time with my cousin Callee.

This past weekend myself and Erica (sister for those who may not know) headed up to Halifax to spend the night at my cousin Callee's and to get the bulk of what was left of our Christmas shopping done. The malls and stores were packed but everything was great for us since we didn't have to be anywhere at any certain time we just browsed and waited in the cash lines when it was time to check out. I have to say for the lines that were long in a few shops we were in they went pretty quick which was nice. The one thing that does annoy me is when you have a super long time 6 tills that could be open but you only have 2 open but 100 employee just milling around the store asking if they can help you. We also had a lovely dinner at Moxie's before Callee took us on a Christmas lights drive which I hadn't really ever done before because I'm normally not in the city a lot in the evening/night during the holiday so this was a real treat, and she showed us the BEST lights! There are two brothers who live almost beside each other and they compete with each other and it is a sight to see. If you're from the Halifax area or are going to be in the Halifax check out Connaught Street! 

For the past two days I feel like I have spent most of my time in the kitchen baking for Christmas! I think this is latest I have done most of my baking but it is all getting done so I can't really say it is bad thing and maybe it is a good thing because that means I haven't been sneaking treats all month. I can say my feet and legs are quite pleased when the day is over and I get to relax. I have done sugar cookies, red velvet cookies, peppermint meltaways and prepped the peanut balls for chocolate which will be dipped on Thursday.

How is your Christmas prep coming? Baking Done? Shopping done? Tree up and decorated? I hope you're all having a great Christmas so far!


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