Friday Favorites

19 October 2018 2 comments
And just like that another week is over! One step closer to my birthday, Halloween and Christmas! All the good stuff right? With it being Friday we all know it is time for Friday Favorites!

This week I finally got out to the movies to see A Star is Born and it is really a great movie. Everyone in the movie did a wonderful job and if you watched Alias it is a bit of a reunion which me and my sister loved haha. Lady Gaga was great, she is such a great singer so it was really the perfect role for her. And hello Bradley Cooper has a great voice too! I have been listening to the soundtrack for most of the week and I definitely recommend getting it, the songs are great! I did not cry, got teary but did not cry! There was many women around me who I could hear sniffling. Also, Bradley's used his own dog in the movie and holy cow so stinkin' cute!!
Last week, I told you about the novel I was reading the Tattooist of Auschwitz, well I finished it and it was a wonderful story to learn about. The hell that everyone went through in those camps is just horrifying. The author did a good job telling the story of Lale and Gita, but she is screen writer, so I find the book goes flat sometimes where you would assume more emotion would be. I think this might be because she was hoping it would be movie and the actor would be the one to bring more emotion to it. I do believe it would make a great movie but for a book I need a little more. I would still recommend this book though. Stories from this time in history are some of my favorite to read even if they are harder to read because of the extreme horror that this era had. Even with the horrors they endured Lale and Gita had a wonderful love story so if you enjoy this genre of book I would say read it. 4 stars out of 5 from me.

Thursday was also I favorite for me just because I didn't have much to do and I had the day off so I just lazed around, baked cookies and made dinner in the slow cooker! I may or may not have also watched two Christmas movies...shhhh

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and hope you all have a super fun weekend!

WHW: Hair and Crafts

17 October 2018 3 comments
Oh hey hi! This is week has gotten away from me and on top of that my computer was giving me grief but I'm here so lets get on with it. I'm linking up with Jen and Jessi today for What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday even though I'm not so sure I have anything from Pinterest to that is kind of a lie but we will get to that.

Over the past weekend, I had a wedding to help with which was great since I missed out on my weddings this summer season since I was down for most of it. The wedding party was sweet and I liked playing with hair again. I honestly would do updos everyday if I could since I love it. Here are a couple of shots from the hair I did, not great the sun was shining and I was by the window so could have been better.

Since I'm trying to work on my October goals and get things organized before the holiday season is upon us this Sunday I decided it was time to at least tidy up my craft room, I haven't done anything down there since before I was in the hospital so it needed a good tidy and really I need to go through some stuff but whatever I will get to that at some point. Of course, once I had tidied up all I wanted to do was craft so I have some ideas of Pinterest for some Christmas-y paintings which I will hopefully show you the finished products soon.

How is everyone's week going? Planning anything fun for the weekend? Excited for Halloween? Well time to get back to work. Hope everyone is well xo

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Friday Favorites!

12 October 2018 1 comment
Happy Friday everyone! Here we are at the end of another week and we made it through with flying colors! I swear the older I get the quicker time passes though. This week was a short one anyways because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. How was your week? Quick or Slow?

Again this week I'm linking up with the girls for Friday Favorites. For this week I did have more favorites then the past few weeks so lets get on it...

On Wednesday evening I headed over to the final debate for our leadership race for the PC Party of Nova Scotia. This is the one I really wanted to go to since it was the last one and the closest to home for me. Since it is coming down to the final weeks of a very long (too long to be honest) race for leader things have gotten somewhat nasty. I will not lie, I'm profoundly disappointed by one of the candidates who I know is a truly good man, but lets not get into that because we are here for my favorites of the week. The candidate I'm supporting Tim Houston, has anyways made me proud, I have watched him grow since coming onto the scene as MLA for Pictou East in 2013. Wednesday night at the debate I watched him take on petty/nasty bull (for lack of a better word), with the grace I want in my leader. My heart swelled with pride for him, happy knowing I call him a friend. Now, I'm even more excited for the leadership convention, even though I have already mailed in my ballot. Win, lose or draw he has done an amazing job and will continue to do great things.

Another one of my favorites which has been basically on repeat since it came it has been the Carrie Underwood album Cry Pretty. I love Carrie and this album is another great one. I actually love all the songs which is not always the norm for me because normally there is always one or two that I will skip over, not so with album. I think my top three songs from the album are Love Wins...because it just seems like something we all need to hear right now with all the issues going on around the world and how really we all just need to love each other and figure things out....Champion because it is just an awesome song, great to have on the work out playlist by the way....Ghosts on the Stereo, again just another great song. If you like Carrie and you haven't checked out this album yet I strongly suggest you go and listen to it soon!

I started a new book on Monday, The Tattooist for Auschwitz by Heather Morris and it is so good so far. Here is the about section from Chapters on it to give you the idea of what is it about...

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is based on the true story of Lale and Gita Sokolov, two Slovakian Jews, who survived Auschwitz and eventually made their home in Australia. In that terrible place, Lale was given the job of tattooing the prisoners marked for survival—literally scratching numbers into his fellow victims’ arms in indelible ink to create what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust. Lale used the infinitesimal freedom of movement that this position awarded him to exchange jewels and money taken from murdered Jews for food to keep others alive. If he had been caught he would have been killed; many owed him their survival.

There have been many books about the Holocaust—and there will be many more. What makes this one so memorable is Lale Sokolov’s incredible zest for life. He understood exactly what was in store for him and his fellow prisoners and he was determined to survive—not just to survive, but to leave the camp with his dignity and integrity intact, to live his life to the full. Terrible though this story is, it is also a story of hope and of courage. It is also—almost unbelievably—a love story. Waiting in line to be tattooed, terrified and shaking, was a young girl. For Lale—a dandy, a jack-the-lad, a bit of a chancer—it was love at first sight and he determined not only to survive himself, but to ensure that Gita did, too. His story—their story—will make you weep, but you will also find it uplifting. It shows the very best of humanity in the very worst of circumstances.

Like many survivors, Lale and Gita told few people their story after the war. They eventually made their way to Australia, where they raised a son and had a successful life. But when Gita died, Lale felt he could no longer carry the burden of their past alone. He chose to tell his story.

These stories of survivors of the Holocaust are some of my favorite stories to read because I can't imagine how they survived and the devastation they lived though. I haven't gotten too far into yet but I know already that it is going to be a great read that is for sure.

Alright, that is all from me this week. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back on Monday with something great for you to read (fingers crossed). Happy Weekending!

Wednesday Rambles

10 October 2018 4 comments
Okay, it is Wednesday! We have made it through half of the week already! I can say this easily since Monday was a holiday! I have been trying to figure out something to post about this morning for too long so I have decided to just wing it and see what comes out! Sometimes you just can't plan out a blog no matter how hard you try.

Yesterday, after work I got some extra energy and decided to finally clean out some of the cupboards in the kitchen! They have been needing a clean out for a long time but instead of just cleaning them out, we just stacked more stuff in there. For me, there are few things better than that feeling you get when you have cleaned and organized something. I know I'm a tad crazy but I much prefer having everything in its place especially when it actually has a proper place. Now, if I could just get people to put things back in said place I would be a miracle worker!

Not to bad huh? Plus I love having a good clear out of the cupboards before the baking season of Christmas starts! Knowing what you have and what you need to get is pretty much a must. It is always a plus when you can actually just take a quick peek when you're making your lists enough of having to basically clean them out then.
This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I completely forgot to take any pictures at all! I can tell you we had a wonderful dinner thanks to my mom and sister (which I clean up for the big meals and they cook), great company and just a nice relaxing weekend. For Sunday, my dad's side of family normally comes over, which is nice since we don't have as many family gathers with them since they don't live in the area like a lot of mom's family does. It was nice for me especially since the last family get together we had was the week before I went into the hospital so I was not feeling the best that is for sure. For Monday, it was leftovers and being basically a sloth! I did do some laundry but I mainly just laid around on the couch and read my new book The Tattooist of Auschwitz, so far it is very good.
Alright, I think I'm done rambling for one day. Hope you're all having a great Wednesday and a great week! I will be back on Friday with some favorites!

TBB: Self Care

08 October 2018 7 comments
For most of us, we don't normally take the time we need for ourselves. Whether you're busy with work, kids etc it can be hard to find that balance of getting things done and actually taking the time for some self-care. 

Self care doesn't have to be something you're taking the whole day for (unless you want to). Self care can be as simple as taking the time to sit down and watch your favorite TV show.

We all have our favorite ways to pamper ourselves and take some time for ourselves. For myself, I love to take a bubble bath. We have a great bath tub so that makes for an even better bath because you can stretch out and really relax. I will light some candle, put on some music and just truly lay back and relax. 

Another easy way you can take some time for yourself is to give yourself mani/pedi or even better go and have someone else do it for you. It is a little thing to do but having your feet and hands look nice is always a bonus. 

Sometimes when you're stressed or overworked the skin needs a little help too. Face masks! You can do your face masks even when you're still trying to get some stuff done like folding laundry. Oh you could be folding laundry, watching your favorite TV show and have a face mask on. Now that is some multi-tasking but since two would be labelled self care in my books I think it makes it okay.

One thing I wished I took more me time for is reading! Honestly, I know I could do more since sometimes I think to myself why am I just randomly scrolling through facebook or instagram when I could be finishing that great book I started two months ago. 

When it comes down to it self care is all about taking some time for yourself. We all need it because when we are stressed/run down and all that other stuff we are of no use to anyone especially ourselves. So, take time for yourself and do whatever you do to refill your energy tank. Need some more ideas check out this site.

Remember you have to enjoy life because we only get one.

Friday Favourites! Thanksgiving Edition (kinda)

05 October 2018 No comments
Another week is done! Well, almost done but man this week flew by for me! I think it is because it was quite broken up with appointments and such I had this week. I do believe I'm almost done of everything from my trauma this summer. On Tuesday I had to go for an echo cardiogram and CT scan. I had the echo at 9:30am and by 11:15am the doctor called to tell me everything was perfect and I didn't have to come and see him for any follow up, YAY! And, the CT I'm sure was fine too since the one I had about a month ago was good. Love that my doctors are taking good take of me but I would love a break from them for a bit! 

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So, since we are back to Friday, it is time for Friday Favorites! When I was trying to figure out what my Friday Favorites would be I was having a great time because I didn't have a bunch of things jumping out as favorites from this past week since it was hospital/doctor appointments and work. Then I realized my most favorite part of the week was seeing my surgeon Dr. Hoogerboord. Yes, it was another doctor appointments that I might be sick of going to but it is always nice to have another doctor say how things are just coming along nicely. When I saw Hoogerboord for the first time, I was not at my best and even the next day when I saw him I was doped up on pain killers so it was great to finally see him at my post op appointment and actually get to thank him for saving me. For the first 24 hours I was in the hospital in Halifax, it was just a chaotic mess in the best way if that makes sense. They were doing what they could in trying to find out was wrong but no one was making the decision of what they needed to do to make me better. If one more doctor had of come in and said well we might try and drain it but you might need surgery I was going to scream. During, my appointment with Hoogerboord, he said draining it was never an option for him because it wouldn't have fixed anything I would still have been in and out of the hospital with extremely high fevers which just isn't a good thing. Also, when he got in there it has ruptured, so there would have been no way to drain it. The calm that Dr. Hoogerboord bought to my situation was amazing. When he walked into the room and had made the decisions that needed to be made, it was one of the best feelings I had ever had even though I was still scared, I just knew he had everything under control and I was going to be fine. Now, I am fine. 

Since I have gotten out of the hospital and recovered I have researched Dr. Hoogerboord and the man has like 24 letters after his name! He almost has his own alphabet! Not, only is he an accomplished doctor, he is a sweetheart. He doesn't rush with his appointment, he listens, he talks to you like a human being and not a patient. Sometimes he is to the point with no bull but that is what I wanted. His bedside manner is wonderful. When a doctor can look someone in the eye and tell them things are going to be okay and you truly believe them it is a feeling that you can't really compare to anything else. I do not think my mother could have thanked him enough. I swear she was making him blush. But, lets move on and in the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, I'm more then thankful for Dr. Marius Hoogerboord. 

So, even though I'm sure he will never see this post I just wanted to talk about one of my favorite people. 

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend and to my fellow Canadians Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!